Credits, Licensing & Attributions

A Zeno Media Station

The 24/7 Online Radio Group has Royalty Free License Agreements with a number of companies including Footage Firm, Inc., (ie We use Royalty Free and performing rights free recordings from from IncompetecFilmmusicFree Music Archive and AKM Music.

In addition we have individual Royalty Free Agreements with musicians and composers. Wherever possible, we credit the musicians on the radio station’s website. Featured artists have there own Credits page on the websites.

Some music is provided without names so we are unable to provide a credit. Please contact us if you are the musician or composer.

Please note that this is the main website for the 24/7 Online Radio Group. Our 5 stations have separate websites. Although each website lists the credits for the music played on those stations, our intention is to list all the music played on all our stations on this website too.