Credits: AMK Music

AMK Music have supplied the 24/7 Online Radio Group with royalty free music which is  free from all performing rights society fees.

AMK Music – Jazz Moods
Bach in Jazz
Bossa Girl
Jazz Piano 1
City Night
Easy Jazz Trio
Happy Lounge Jazz
Jazz Piano 2
In The Mood
Jazz Trio Swing
Jazz Piano 3
LA Smooth Jazz
Latin Jazz Quartet
Latin Jazz
Jazz Piano 4
Ocean Breeze Bossa
Romance for Grandmother
Tchaikovsky in Jazz
The Chill
Lounge Quartet
Lounge Style

AMK Music – Solo Piano
Love of My Life
At Peace
Us At The Beach
Lazy Days
Ready To Go
Water Garden
Beautiful Day
Idyllic Dawn
Sun Flowers
The Forest
Taking It Easy
Raindrop on The Window
On Wilderness Shores
My One True Love

AMK Music – Swingtime 20’s, 30’s & 40’s
A Day’s Pleasure
A Woman of Paris
America on the Move
Behind the Screen
Charlie C
Chicken Dance Big Band
Little Fun Jazz
Little Tramp
Lousy Thief
Nice Day
One More Bebop
Optimistic Ballroom Big Band
Parisian Cafe
Parisian Cafe Solo Piano
Pay Day
Please Spare a Dime
Social Injustice
Sunset Strip
Take me to Dance
The Gold Rush

AKM Music – Classical
Albinoni’s Adagio
Morning Dream
Quia Respexit
Requiem for The Soul
Princess Tale
Laudate Dominum
Dramatic Interlude
Song of Glory
Gimnopedie Version 2

AKM Music – Upbeat Moods
Set Forth
Upbeat Inspiration
Sweet Dreams
Go Touring
Wake Me Up
Wild and Yummy

AMK Music – Orchestral 2
Bathe In The Dancing Sunlight
Bathe In The Dancing Sunlight Variation
Bathe In The Dancing Sunlight Ending
Lazy Summer Days
Lazy Summer Days Variation
Lazy Summer Days Ending
Gounod’s Ballet
Gounod’s Ballet Ending
Innocence Variation
Innocence Ending
Elegy Variation
Elegy Ending
Comedy On Parade
Comedy On Parade Variation
Comedy On Parade Ending
Journey Variation
Journey Ending
The Village Idiot
The Village Idiot Quick Version
Nature Trail
Nature Trail Variation
Nature Trail Ending