Royalty Free Music

A Zeno Media Station

On our Mixcloud cloudcasts and podcasts we are able to use most music recordings. Mixcloud has arranged international royalty agreements with performing rights organizations which collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to their members when their works have been performed.

However, for small webcasters and internet radio stations providing a 24/7 stream over the internet and/or in mobile phone apps, the international situation has in recent years become more challenging since the internet radio service providers no longer provide a full licensing arrangement. If they do offer agreements, it is uncertain if they cover all countries around the world.

With our previous internet radio service providers, Radionomy, (who paid various performing rights organisations fees), closing down this service on the 30 December, 2019, we have taken the decision to take a different approach.

We have successfully transferred over to playing Royalty Free Music (ie The composer/producer and their music is Non-P.R.O. ie Music which is not registered with any Performing Rights Organisations). This gives us greater freedom to play our choice of music without restrictions.